Design Ranch

Illustration, Print Design

As part of Workhorse Printmakers’ sponsorship of AIGA Austin’s 2016 Design Ranch, we designed some mini letterpress prints to give away.

For the first card, I jokingly asked the team what if there were a brand of designer ranch dressing and it ended up being one of the ideas we went with. I illustrated a cowboy version of┬áJohannes Gutenberg and the team finished out the design of playful joke on “Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing” called “Gutenberg’s Own Ranch Dressing.”

For the second card, I wanted to mash-up digital design tools with traditional cowboy ranch imagery. I took a scan of an old cowboy letterpress woodblock Workhorse had and combined that with a pixelated illustration of the photshop lasso tool to create what we named the “pixel wrangler.”

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