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Web Development

Like most designers Josh Higgins’ website is in need of an update. Most designers would either put up an under construction page or stick with the outdated site while they put off building a new one… but Josh isn’t most designers…

He pairs sneakers with a suit jacket. He drinks too much coffee at a desk that is decorated with too many toys. He buys too many domain names and often gets in lengthy discussions about things like the hamburger icon. He has an inflated sense of self and often writes in the third person…

Okay so he is like most designers, but when it comes to the website he’s not going to stand for a boring landing page or outdated design any longer… he’s gonna design in-browser and build this live. Enjoy the show folks!

When not working on his personal website Josh Higgins can be found designing and building websites at Spindletop Design, refereeing comedy pro-wrestling matches at Doomsday Wrestling, or designing and selling goods at HMD Stuff & Thangs